CSISD's 21st Century Classrooms

The CSISD Administration and Technology Staff have created a vision of the 21st century classroom that is unparalleled in the community and state. Classrooms in CSISD are equipped with state of the art projectors in every classroom. Projectors allow teachers to use multimedia to present information to their students and to bring learning to life in the class. These media sources allow teachers to project lecture notes and presentations, show media that brings their lesson to life, and to give students a visual in the best scenario of what is being taught.

Another addition to the district is electronic interactive whiteboards in the classroom. With the whiteboard, the teacher can not only project video to the whiteboard, but can also interact with the images projected to the board. The board allows for the teacher to write information, then record it to slides. They can use the information later for things such as review and reteach. The whiteboards also allow for the creation of different types of games using curriculum for review purposes. The uses are endless, and the boards bring a multitude of learning resources to the classroom through interactivity.

Technology classrooms in the 21st century CSISD are state of the art and can run complex business and multimedia software, allowing students to learn with real world applications in a manner that is very time efficient. The classrooms allow students to learn about new technologies through real world application and in an environment that will closely resemble the working world when they graduate. Students have access to the school server to save information so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the school and allows for mobility from class to class. Students also have access to email in the school district with a system that monitors and makes sure that students are communicating professionally and not using the email as a chat pipeline.

Mobile labs have been implemented in the school district that allow teachers to bring the lab to the classroom and not lose teaching time by having to move the class to a lab to integrate the curriculum with technology. Students can work directly at their desk while the lesson is being taught and bring a rich multimedia experience into a lesson that would have to normally be taught in a traditional lecture and listen format. Students can research topics in class with resources that would normally only be limited to the teacher's findings and what they directly bring into the class for students to use.

Teachers in the 21st Century CSISD use rich content websites to keep parents informed of happenings in their classroom. These websites allow the teacher to give the students resources that help them to be more equipped away from school and to be able to communicate with the teacher regarding classroom information.

The CSISD maintains a smart phone application to provide communication to the parents, as well as a rich website that is updated daily to provide the community with the latest happenings at CSISD and to provide resources for the district.

As you can see, CSISD is pushing ahead in the pursuit of a 21st century classroom and is on the cutting edge of new technology integration that will allow teachers to teach in a way that motivates all students to achieve success.











































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